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For Reservation Call  07412-231418, 233515
email - [email protected]

Welcome to Island of Peace

A celebration, A weekend away or a Business Meet whatever your reason for traveling, Hotel Sagar Castle will help you make your visit a memorable one. A comfortable blend of luxury and value are only a few of the reasons you should choose the Hotel Sagar Castle. Located just minutes away from Ratlam Railway Station and 136Km away from Indore Airport, we are a prime location in mega city-Ratlam of State of Madhya Pradesh of India. For travelers considering Ratlam as their final destination or passing through onto other parts of the state, nation or the world, we are a unique and convenient location. Discover and enjoy the insider knowledge and excellent amenities that make your stay an unforgettable experience for both business and pleasure. Take advantage of our Luxury Accommodations.

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                Executive Suite           - 1940/-
              Deluxe AC                - 1060/-
             Super deluxe AC        - 1220/-
            Super Deluxe Non AC -  955/-
            AC Dormitory Single  275/-


           *****Taxes as applicable******

           Extra Bed                  -    200/-

            10 Room Package      - 15000/- 

            15 Room Package       - 21000/-

Add : Hotel Sagar Castle
               Daat Kie Pool.
               RATLAM (M.P)
Phone :   07412-231418
Mobile :  09425103715

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